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Thank you for being here!  I took a break from my blog over the summer for a lot of different reasons. A couple of them are  1) time – this blogger thing takes too much of it. For me, I’m not trying to make a boatload of money here and it just isn’t worth missing out on time with my family.  2) I hate taking and posting photos of myself.  Seriously!  I’m super uncomfortable with it.  I tried it thinking that doing it would make it easier.  NOPE!  Still hate it.  So, moving forward I’m going to do things in a way that’s more conducive to my schedule as a mom to three and to what I’m comfortable with. I have a handful of awesome friends and family who have asked me to keep posting outfit inspo, and to each of you I say THANK YOU!  You’re the ones who inspired me to start this thing in the first place.

fall style

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Marigold is one of the hottest colors this fall and THIS VEST is beautiful! Get me some apple cider already!


Super obsessed over THESE JCREW EARRINGS.  I love wearing mine with neutrals and basics.  They really make an outfit pop.  Plus they’re 30% off right now.


THESE LEOPARD SWEATS have my name all over them.   I have a feeling mine are going to get a lot of use this fall.   They are SO soft!  Style with sneaks or heels.


As my 8 year old would say, this SNAKE PRINT DRESS is “savage”.  On it’s way to my house now and under $100!


So obsessed with this iridescent rainbow trend.  I bought multiples of THIS MAKEUP BAG to give as gifts.  Also comes in clear and bright pink.


Here’s that trend again!  Like I said, LOVE!  Not only are THESE NIKES super cool, but they are so comfortable!  I have them in SUMMIT WHITE.


I bought THIS SWEATSHIRT in white & gray at the Nordstrom anniversary sale this summer and I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that they were my most favorite purchase from the sale. Also comes in BLACK.  


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how to: eyebrow & eyelash tinting


When I was a senior in high school (nearly 20 years ago), I walked into a hair salon and asked for an eyebrow tint.  The stylist looked at me like I was crazy!  She added some color to my eyebrows and I left the salon looking like I had two caterpillars above my eyes.  I had never waxed my eyebrows before and they were out of control….so tinting actually led me to my first eyebrow wax!

Shortly after that experience, I began doing my own tinting.  It’s obviously more cost effective but I also find that it is more convenient than adding another appointment to my day.  I can apply late at night and multi task while the color processes.  Over the years, I’ve developed a routine that works well for me and I’m happy to be sharing  it below.

why would you want to tint?

  1. If you’d like to darken the natural color of your brows and create a fuller look.  (That’s me!)
  2. If you have lightened your natural hair color and would like for your brows to match, and similarly, if you have changed the tone of your hair color and would like for your brows to match.
  3. Even if you’re happy with the natural color of your brows, tinting will give them a fuller look since the color will also tint your skin.  Tinting gives you a look similar to microneedling but without the pain or price.

what you will need

Besides your color and developer, you will need an applicator brush like this one or this one, and a beaker like this one to measure your developer.  You will also need a bowl.  You can use any bowl from home or one like this.   Boxed color may come with these items.  You can also buy a set like this one on Amazon.

selecting your color and developer

COLOR:  As a licensed hair dresser, I use professional grade Schwartzkopf color, but any brand that you like should be fine.  Target sells an over the counter version of Schwarzkopf color.  If you have light hair, I recommend going at least a few shades darker on your eyebrows.  If you have darkened your hair to a medium brown or darker, I recommend matching your hair color or going a couple of shades darker.

DEVELOPER:  If you’re making your brows darker, you will want to use 10 volume to deposit color.  If you’d like to make your brows a little lighter, you will need 20, 30, or 40 volume.  If you’re changing the tone, I recommend 20 volume. higher volume = more lift

Boxed color instructions may make this all a little easier to understand.

what i use

I use Schwarzkopf Igora 5-1.  The first number is the lightness or darkness on a scale of 1-12; one being black and twelve being light blonde.  In Schwartzkopf, the second number is the tone of the color.  The number 1 means that I’m using an ash base, which I use to compensate for a any reddish undertones.  The mixing ratio is 1:1 for Schwarzkopf – equal parts color and developer.  Some brands use letters instead of numbers.

HOW MUCH I USE:  My tube of color is 2 oz.  I mix 1/8 of the the tube (so 1/4 oz.) each time I tint.  I don’t actually use all of the color each time when I apply, but that amount makes it easy to mix.

step by step

  1. First, mix your color and developer.
  2. Next, use your brush to paint the color onto your brows.  Make sure to press the color in a bit so that it gets to the base of your eyebrows.  This will also tint your skin, giving your brows a fuller look.  The effect is similar to microneedling.
  3. Use a Q-tip to remove any excessive color around the outline of your eyebrow.  Remember, the color will tint your skin too, so be precise, but generous enough to cover all of your brow.
  4. If you’d like, apply the color to your lashes.  Wiggle color at the base, obviously being careful to avoid getting color in your eye.
  5. Wait for the recommended amount of time.  To figure your processing time, add 10 minutes to the value of the developer you selected.  For example, when using 10 volume developer, let the color sit for 20 minutes.  (Boxed color will likely explain all of this.)
  6. As the color processes, it will start to look scary dark.  Don’t worry.  It always looks intense while the color is on.
  7. Once your processing time is up, wipe the color off with a washcloth or tissue, then wash your face like usual.
  8. I like to get my eyebrows waxed shortly after tinting since the darker color makes it easier for my asethetician to see where to wax.
  9. After tinting and waxing, I use this Watermelon Glow sleeping mask.  It’s so soothing and smells incredible!
  10. My color typically lasts 6 weeks.













tee shirt dresses + Brooke’s 3 Rules for Effectively Shopping Sales


I’ve mentioned before that my family loves to shop for a killer deal.  As daughters of an accountant and a frugal mother,  my siblings are pretty much pros.  Brittany is the best Marshalls / Homegoods/ TJ Maxx scout ever, and I’m not sure if my sister Brigitte has paid full price for anything…ever!  Not kidding.  My sister Brynne (still a college student) saves nearly every penny she earns and is willing to sift through racks of clothes hunting for the perfect item…and last week she found a bunch (thank you Last Chance!).  As for me,  I love a good deal too, but I have found that if I think through my three rules before purchasing an item, Read More


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If you saw my most recent post on Instagram, you know I’m vacationing in Phoenix with my family.  We are celebrating my mom’s health, as she recently (finally!) completed six rounds of chemo and many rounds of radiation for breast cancer. Read More


Haute Hump Day


  1. This tee is such a cool twist from the usual.  Comes in gray, green, and white.
  2. I love Hobo wallets, but this is the first time I’ve see this size.  A little shorter than the Lauren but still holds everything.  This would make a great Mother’s Day gift.  Comes in a selection of colors but I really like this white with black hardware.
  3. This Rip Curl swim cover up is so cute and doubles as a midi dress.  Would look great with a denim jacket or a white blazer.  And just $32!
  4. I buy these shoes for my boys every year.  If I had girls, I’d buy the shoes for them too.  I usually put them in my boys’ Easter baskets.  No matter what other shoes they have, these are the ones they grab for most frequently.  They like that they stay on while riding their bikes, running at the playground, playing soccer, or whatever!   I love them because they are easy to clean (a quick douse with the hose or Magic Eraser if needed), kids can put them on themselves, and they don’t need socks so you’re good to go during those impromptu trips to the splash pad.
  5. I live in pants like these in the summer time.  You won’t catch me wearing jeans in Virginia’s humidity.  These run small.  I usually wear an xs and ended up purchasing a size medium.
  6. Skinny, distressed, frayed AND under $100.  I usually need to size up in Free People denim.
  7. I recently started using this under eye brightener.  It is so good!  Totally makes a difference with dark circles and looks natural.  A little goes a long way so it’s a great bang for your buck.


SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave








the perfect summer maxi dress and weekend deals


half tee  :: neutral brami :: dress :: earrings :: shoes :: sunglasses


Lot’s of FRAME denim on sale! I like this raw hem pair and these skinnys.

This bag has been in the Shop section of my blog since day one.  The other day I saw one of my friends wearing it and it looked so cute.  Perfect for around town or the beach.  Pretty color too.

These Eberjay pajamas are so soft and always on everyone’s wishlist.  They would make an awesome Mother’s Day gift.  This slim cut version is 40% off right now!

When it comes to luggage, I’m very practical.  I don’t want anything too fancy that may be stolen, but I want something sturdy.  I love Brics and Samsonite.  This Brics duffle bag is the perfect size and I love that it folds up nicely for storage.

All heart eyes for this Frye wallet .  The color is perfection.

White and eyelets always say summer to me.  I love this dress.

This tassle tote from Free People is 50% off!  I think the white is gorgeous.







Six on-trend bags that won’t break the bank


As a mom of three, I like to carry a lot with me to keep everyone happy.  You know, the important things like a spare Ninja Turtle or a handful of Matchbox cars –  boy moms, you hear me, right?   By purchasing neutral’s  I can avoid changing my bag too often, which I try not to do since I inevitably forget something!  Today I’m listing six on-trend neutral bags – all under $130 and perfect for summer.  Shop using the widget below.



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My Journey Through Infertility


Little League, preschool performances, and story time in the rocking chair.  Uneventful for most spectators, but spectacular for me as a mother.  Years ago, I thought moments like this would never be mine.  We had tried everything! The thought of never becoming a mother wrenched my soul. Adoption didn’t appeal to me. I stayed inside on Mother’s Days and prayed regularly that I would not want a baby anymore. Read More